My name is Daniel Burns. I have been a brother, son, husband, father, student, teacher, and leader. Yes I’ve played other roles but I see those as largely extensions of what I’m truly meant to have learned and become through these main life roles.

As a keen (and once too competitive) sportsman, the winning of the day never overrode the winning of relationships, yes even with the opposition!

As a team member, team leader, and business owner, my own success and advancement never overrides the building and support of those in my stewardship.

As a committed husband and father, the provision of ‘things’ never overrides the provision of love, nurturing, and leadership that is my mandate.

It’s my belief that our jobs, careers, and the things we do ultimately are not us and do not make us. They should be a decision we’ve made based on the careful consideration we’ve given to the gifts, unique and powerful, each of us have been given and how we feel we might have been asked to share and ultimately give these back to the world. Sadly I see people trapped in such thinking, held back from truly giving to the world what they might if they ‘went there’…

… and yes, this still applies to those so desperate for work just to feed or clothe themselves or a family that they’ll do anything. For of anyone they are seeing past the job they are doing, they are seeing to the person and their choice is of the highest order as their need is beyond themselves and their position or status is secondary to that. A do-what-it-takes attitude is truly one of the more wonderful gifts to share with the world.

I’m passionate about building people and hold to the fact that I can only be so through the iron-willed desire to grow myself.

I have lead various teams, a focus on integrity, honesty, and rightness, and creating successful, winning cultures. The degree of success I’ve had there, I leave in the hands of those we served and those I’ve lead and been lead by.

I now run and lead my own company, love and nurture my family, and wish to share some of those stories, lows, highs, and subsequent lessons learned along the way. One of my gifts is the ability to share openly and easily so I feel in many ways, it is upon me to take this journey. I would love to have you join me and hear your thoughts and encourage you to share some of your own lessons.

My commitment to you is that I will as vulnerable as I can, pulling on my experience in sharing personally, teaching and leading, in various fields and endeavours.

My hope is that at times I may encourage, affirm, or build on what you already hold dear, and at others may call-on, instruct, or challenge the way you think and the way you act as a result.

I adamantly believe in the fact that the ONLY person you can change in this world is yourself. And so it stands that this is my own constant aim. I understand I’m not here to change you, only you have the power to that.

I do understand though that the path to change is through the daily things we do, the thoughts, actions, habits we create which we control and can do something about and should, to create the life we were meant to live.

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Warmest regards,

Daniel Burns