It’s viewing life-giving acts like this that allows us to remember that truly, if we simply have a healthy child to love, we are so very blessed and how often we can take that for granted. I also found myself reflecting on my four boys.

Reflecting on all the times I have failed to be all I can be – too quick to anger, seeing them as interruptions, stopping me from getting ‘stuff’ done, too slow to mercy and love towards them in their different little worlds, growing and learning.

Reflecting on times I have managed to be all I can be – patient, loving, gentle. Having all the time in the world for them and helping them through challenges lovingly instead of critiquing their mistakes. Spending time with them. Indeed just last night I found myself lying on the ground with one of them for a while under his blanket and it wasn’t long before a family ‘stacks on’ occurred with plenty of tickling, laughter, and love.

Truly, the bright light of such an amazing example from an obviously wonderful Dad encourages me to reach higher and do more of all I can be.

It was a shining example of that wonderful saying “Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a Dad”.

What a beautiful, simple, and powerful expression of love and service. A leader’s example.

Her smile is worth a lifetime of effort surely.